How it works

Install AdBlock X

  • Publishers will need to register for an account and install a javascript tag from us.  If you are running a WordPress site, please install our AdBlock X WordPress plugin to simplify the process.
  • Installing our Javascript tag is similar to how you would install a Google Analytics tag, simply paste in our code in your website header so it appears on all your pages.
  • We offer support for SSL-encrypted websites, and our assets are served from a CDN service to ensure that it will not affect the loading time of your page.
  • We have tested our Javascript against all major ad block plugins on both desktop and mobile platforms.

    See how ad blockers affect you

    • Your data will be collected and summarized in our data warehouse, and you will be given access to the reports related to your site, or group of sites.  Each account can register for more than one site.
    • You will see day-to-day statistics on what percentage of your page views and visitors have ad blockers installed in an easy to read chart, and you can download the data into an excel spreadsheet for archive purposes.
    • The data is summarized daily, but we also provide current day live statistics.


    Evaluate and choose your reaction

    • Depending on how much ad blockers are affecting your bottom line, you may choose how you wish to respond.  You have total control on the messages the visitors will see, how often are they prompted, and whether the message will block their access to your site.
    • The reaction configurator is available once you log into the reporting portal.  You can also configure different reactions for users on different platforms.
    • We will provide some reaction templates that you can choose from, and you can modify them to create your own.
    • Preview reactions directly on your website and see how ad block users will view your content.


    Test and track conversions

    • We will track and report how many users are converting (turning off or on their ad blocker on your site), and you can use those metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your messages.
    • You can tweak your messages, deploy, and repeat.


    Install the WordPress plugin