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Where you define the “x”

Choose who and how you react and respond.

Evaluate your options

  1. Block users with ad blockers
    • Only after a certain amount of page views
    • With specific devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
    • Only on certain pages or specific URLs
    • Change messages after a specified number of page views
  2. Ask users to white list your site
    • We will provide easy directions and examples to do this (most ad blocker software allows for whitelisting)
  3. Reach out to users with ad blocking enabled
    • Customize messaging for users with ad blocker enabled
    • Control how friendly or persistent messaging should be
    • Show or hide content to users with ad blocker enabled
    • Escalate or deescalate different levels of messaging
    • Customize messaging and content toggling to fit your site’s look and feel

Test and Learn

  1. See how many users visit your site(s) with ad blocking enabled
  2. Use our portal to view performance metrics
  3. Track effectiveness of messaging and content toggling
  4. Modify ad mix to increase likelihood of viewability
  5. Customize the frequency of reactions users with ad blocker will see

Deploy at scale

  1. Easy install gives you insight into how ad blockers are affecting your site(s)
  2. We do the heavy lifting of compiling metrics so you don’t have to
  3. Simple editor allows you to test and deploy rules + reactions across all pages on your site(s)
  4. Preview reactions directly on your site without affecting visitors.

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