The Team



President & Co-Founder

With over 15 years of internet experience and a background that includes publisher monetization, advertiser solutions and user experience management, Sean is well positioned to lead DDC,’s parent company. Prior to joining the company, Sean managed Yahoo’s domain channel, where he led the domain focused business development team and helped create and execute Yahoo’s product development and marketing strategy in this area. Before Yahoo!, Sean worked in consulting and sales leadership positions in private equity backed emerging growth companies: Vividence (acquired by Keynote Systems) and PlaceWare (acquired by Microsoft).



Vice President of Partner Management

Hui has over 15 years of internet experience, and started her internet career in 1999 at Services, Inc., which was later acquired by Yahoo!. She helped pioneer the domain and error space from the publisher side, and worked directly with many key domain owners, parking companies and ISPs. She served as Director of North America Business Development and Partnerships Group at Yahoo where she led the Domain and Error Channel’s account management team. Prior to joining DDC, she was the Senior Director of Partner Relations at Adknowledge, one of the largest privately-owned ad networks in the United States. Hui earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Southern California and was preparing for a career in Physical Therapy before the dot-com boom.



Vice President of Engineering

David has 20 years of experience designing and building internet software. His experience includes key technical positions and leadership roles within internet startup companies that provided services to multi-billion dollar companies including AOL, Ford and AAA. Today, David leads the engineering team building DDC’s adserver platform and analytics infrastructure. He holds a BS in computer science from the University of California, San Diego.